Finnish border, cross the Finnmark Plateau to Alta and the Ice Hotel

5 day experience. From the south at the Finnish border, cross the Finnmark plateau to Alta.

Time Period:



Karasjok, one of the main villages for the Sami in northern Norway. The first afternoon we spent at a fantastic accommodation built up by creative hands.

We have a campfire, make coffee, tea and biscuits. Join us to say hello to the dogs, info about the routines in the health program for the dogs and ask all your questions you
have about our dogs. After a while we take a dog sled ride where you sit on the sled and the sled is driven by an experienced dog sled guide. Meet Roger and his dedicated team, the quality of this team is to adapt the program to every single group or family that comes to their husky kennel. Experiences from Spitsbergen, Alaska and northern Norway give you insight into the lifestyle and love of the animal they live with daily.

Day 1

We meet at 1700 to go through safety routines, and look at the route on the map. We eat dinner together, and we get to know the group that has chosen this unique journey that contains much of what can be experienced in Finnmark.

Day 2

Departure day from Karasjok, we leave from a sheltered and safe pine forest in the south, up on the Finnmarksvidda itself and inside the white landscape. The accommodation we have along the way will be in mountain lodges. We spend 3 nights in different mountain lodges, which have good food and warm rooms.

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 and day 4 we spend up on the Finnmark plateau, the normal is to drive 25-40 km daily, with lunch out in nature.

Day 5

We have reached the northern end of the Finnmark plateau and we can often feel the warmer air that comes from the Barents sea. Down towards Alta and the Ice Hotel by the Alta river, there are gentle and good trails through the forest. Arriving at the ice hotel, it is possible to make a day visit to the ice hotel itself. Or you can book one more night at this unique accommodation.


  • Dogteam adapted to the guest’s skills are included.
  • Winter clothing like scooter shoes, scooter clothes, polar hat, polar mittens, ski goggles / scooter glasses, headlamp.
  • Safety and emergency equipment included
  • Guide will be the owner of the dogs and with much arctic experience.
    The guest is part of a safe experience.

Group size:

Small group, organizer with only one guest as well, but then with 50% on the price. More than 8 people on request.


26.000 NOK pr person


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