True North Experience

True North Experience is a small family-run company owned by Roger and Ingvild Lakseide Fossøy. We started our first kennel in Ny Ålesund on Svalbard in 2003. Since 2009, we have operated Gargia Husky kennel, located 24 kilometers south of Alta city center in Finnmark.

Roger Fossøy develops all the tours we offer and is also the guide on the expeditions. He has extensive experience with dog sledding and guiding in the Arctic, is a trained carpenter, and has worked for 10 years at Avinor (operator of civil airports in Norway)as an incident commander/responsible for birds and wildlife/fire fighter. Roger competes at the top level of long-distance dog sledding in Northern Europe. Ingvild Lakseide Fossøy has worked as a nature guide in Svalbard for 8 years, did a master’s thesis on nature guiding, and taught dog sledding and Arctic outdoor life at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

The kennel

The kennel consists of approx. 30 dogs in a pack that includes puppies, young dogs, and more experienced dogs. We live with the dog pack year-round, spend a lot of time on trips, breed Alaska huskies, participate in long-distance dog sledding competitions, and organize expeditions in the Arctic. There is significant quality work behind each race and expedition in terms of training, breeding, proper feeding, care and knowledge about each individual dog.

Our values

Our values are based on extensive competence in animal welfare and Arctic outdoor activities. In a time where climate changes are occurring, and the nature-based tourism in Scandinavia is growing, our approach to travel in nature will be gentle and sustainable. Our activities are conducted on the premises of the local population, the ecosystems in nature, and we will maintain the safety of all parties involved in our expeditions.

True North Experience is a member of the destination company Visit Alta, which gathers serious operators offering a year-round and sustainable destination with high-quality experiences.

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